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How to rebrand: 5 strategies to get started

Are you in need of a rebrand? Thinking about a rebranding your small business in 2019? Maybe your logo is old and uninspiring, maybe the company has changed quite a bit and the branding no longer fits. Just like updating your wardrobe, hairstyle or profile picture, brands also need a refresh to stay current and […]

How to know when it’s time to pivot your brand

Pivot is a word we often hear in business as a way to describe ditching the current business model in favor of trying something new. Sometimes this can be a last-ditch effort so that the company can stay afloat, a business can pivot because the current business model isn’t really where the passion is anymore. […]

Brand strategy, how important is it?

Is it time to re-think your brand strategy, are you relying on old branding and ideas to take you into the future? Keeping a business running is all about knowing your customers and giving them the exact products and services they most want and need. After all most businesses rely on repeat customers, can you really […]

5 ways to grow your business online

How to grow your small business online As an entrepreneur growth is always on your mind, doesn’t matter how big or small your business is. The life of your business depends on growth. There will always need to be clear, defined sales pipeline. These days, with the amount of noise online, it can be overwhelming […]