Amber Goodenough | 02.21.2019

How to rebrand: 5 strategies to get started

Make your brand awesome and new instead of old and disgusting

Are you in need of a rebrand?

Thinking about a rebranding your small business in 2019? Maybe your logo is old and uninspiring, maybe the company has changed quite a bit and the branding no longer fits. Just like updating your wardrobe, hairstyle or profile picture, brands also need a refresh to stay current and relevant. Most companies large and small, evolve their brand over time to stay fresh and reach new customers.

You may be asking yourself, “Does my company really need to spend the time on this?” The answer depends on how you answer the following questions:

  1. Does my current logo, color scheme, design aesthetic match my desired customer?
  2. Does my current branding tell a story? Are customers inspired to buy from me?
  3. Is my brand current with the latest design trends and technology?
  4. Does your branding have old or outdated names etc. associated with it?
  5. Was the last time I updated my logo back in the olden days before instagram existed?

Rebranding your business may sound like it’s as much fun as helping your friend re-pot a poisonous cactus, but it could literally save your brand from going extinct in the way of  Borders and Sears (too soon?).

Because here’s the thing…Businesses that refuse to modernize, who double down on maintaining the status quo, risk not only losing customers but also failing to appeal to new audiences.

But you already know all of this. You want to know what it takes to rebrand your business.

How to rebrand your small business

It’s not as hard as you might think. Really all you are doing is telling your brand story. Do you have history worth retelling, do you feel like the passion fizzled? Let’s get started with 5 strategies to help you get fired up about rebranding your small business.

Step 1: Go back to the beginning

First, you want to throw all of your current branding in the trash. Next, take that crumpled heap out of the trash can, smooth it out a bit and remember why you liked it to begin with. Why did you open this business to begin with? What is your mission, your values, your vision? Who did you set out to serve?

Let’s retell the story of how you got started. Kinda like when someone asks how you met your significant other. Retelling makes you feel all those lovey-dovey feelings from when your business was new. Those first falling in love feelings, help you rekindle the passion that may have faded over time.

Step 2: The “keep” pile and the “trash” pile

If you’re serious about taking your business into the future…what things might need to go? And what things do you want to keep?

For example, do you want to move into the future of your business with the same name? Or is it time to change it up since you are now offering new services or products? Perhaps it’s time for a pivot.

Do you want to keep the existing logo, or do you want to keep the idea of the original logo but give it an upgrade?

What else might you want to keep from the existing business branding? Colors, messaging, etc. As Marie Kondo would ask you “Do you want to take this into your future?”

Step 3: Have a strategy across the entire business

There is no magic formula for rebranding but there are strategies and things to consider before you embark down the rebranding road. First, you’ll want to consider all of the brand placement opportunities. Do you have flyers, signage, ads, packaging, etc. that will need to change with updated logos and messaging?

And then what channels do you use to promote your business? For example, do you have a social media presence, brick and mortar, a website? What of these elements will need to change or be updated once you make a change?

Step 4: Scope the competition

Time to research what is working for your competitors and by contrast what isn’t working. Analyze trends in your market as well as current branding trends. What branding feels like you but still preserves the history of your business? Can you see this branding taking you to the future you envision?

Use a Pinterest board or Evernote or whatever pinning app you like to grab styles, colors, logos, websites you are drawn to. Doesn’t matter what industry, keep collecting ideas until a pattern starts to emerge.

Step 5: Crowdsource

Get some feedback from your team on where they see the brand going. Ask what they like/ dislike about the current branding and get their input on what would make things more exciting as you move into the future. Not only is this helpful to get ideas…but you’ll also be building enthusiasm and comradery amongst your staff.

And then ask your customers! Involve your fans by asking them to vote on a social media poll. Or send out a survey. Maybe offer a prize or discount to encourage participation.

Take all these ideas back to the team and finalize a direction.

Step 6: Wait, I thought there were only 5 steps

This is the step where you take action. What is one thing you could do today to move closer to your rebranding your small business? Whether you just need a facelift or a full on new brand from the ground up, today is the day to get started. The process is likely to be less painful than you think and the ROI is priceless. Your team, your clients and your business will reap the rewards for years to come.

Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash